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Family photoshoot (Taken with instagram)

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Rara’s 17th Birthday Party

Soooo, it was on Saturday 28/4/2012. Rara finally threw her 17th birthday party. I came all the way from Jogja alone just to attend this party. I met so many old friends of mine. It’s been more than half year since i havent seen them. Rara rocked!!!!! Thanks for the party!


holy <3

So Amal came into my house bringing his new puppy!!! her name is Holy. She has Golden Retrivier and Siberian Husky blood-mixed. Holy is just a month old. she’s totally cute. Thanks Amal for bringing her here. imageimageimage

Every minute that is spent with you has each special different meaning to me. We laugh like idiots. I never can explain how much i’m falling for you.

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